Monday, April 12, 2010

Can my body take it!!

So I think I'm hitting a wall with all this training, I'm starting to question myself!!! These past couple of weeks have been very intense, I have never felt so tired. But I'm still going!!The last couple of weeks have been very busy, we celebrated Easter and I have to say that it was a really quiet one, I was hoping for a big easter gathering with family but we ended up going to my moms and it was just us with my 2 sisters, but really only my oldest sister since I don't really talk to my younger sister.(That's a story that will take just toooo long)The kid's had a good time with the eggs and my oldest sis got a jumper for them, so they had a blast, I couldn't even get them out of it for a picture.

Can you tell on Madison's face that this picture was forced!! I love my little family my babies are the world to me. Makes me wonder if I'll ever allow myself to date, I can't imagine anyone coming into our world and making any changes. We are happy with the things are. I do admit that things do get a bit lonely for me, but then I snap myself out of it!!

So Jackie and I have ran 13 miles the last couple of weekends, the first 13 we ran with our group The Redlands Runegades and I will have to say it wasn't too bad we did take a route that was nothing but hills, but we always say Hills will make us faster after 12 miles the last mile was tough and we felt it, that extra mile added some pain. My body felt it and it felt so good to take a hot shower, I was hoping to take a nap but unfortunately my kids do understand that mommy is tired. When my shower was done I had to get dressed and we were off to do some easter shopping, Kids needed some dressy shoes, and I needed a dress I couldn't find one either I don't know what it is but I just have not been in the mood to do any shopping, I don't like anything, so I gave up on trying to find something. When we got home I made a delicious Shrimp Pasta once we were done I came into my bedroom and found a brand new Maxi dress with tags and all hanging in my closet it was perfect for Easter Sunday. Yay!! Problem Solved.

This last Friday Jackie and I decided to run our 13 miles in Rancho Cucamonga, it all started with us going shopping out there since we both need clothes that fit, but we both though it would be a good idea to change our routine and run our long run before shopping. Her family allowed us to go drop off our stuff of at their house and we were going to shower up real quick before shopping, It was a nice run we ran on a horse trail and it was nice to change things up for a bit.At the half way point we stopped at a park and did some stretching. I love to stop for stretching!!

It's funny how Jackie takes her stretching so seriously and I take advantage of the break by throwing myself on the floor. : )
When we finished our run we had to get to a Jamba Juice for a protein shake, when they had a sign that they only were accepting cash at the moment we walked to her aunties house to get our purses, we decided not to take a shower since we were running short on time, I had to pick up my monkeys at school. After our much needed protein shake we said forget Shopping we want FOOD!!! Running so many miles makes you hungry : ) We ate at the Yard House, Jackie ordered a sandwich, I was like umm no I'm having myself a nice big STEAK!!! I got a 12oz New York Steak with Shrimp and veggies. It was the best Steak EVER!!! I had a $50 Lunch, Ouch!!! It was well worth it. We made it right on time for me to pick up my monkeys, and I had to go into the office and pick up the last of the Registration Forms for The Run Through Redlands event that I put together for their school. I went to my moms house to do the counting of the money and realized that a lot of parents wrote their check out to the school and not the event, so I had to get a hold of parents and switch out checks, That was no Fun, I was tired, sweaty and stinky!! When I finally got home my kids both had play dates, yes I know what was I thinking when I said yes the good thing is that both their friends are good Monkeys and they allowed me to relax and take my much needed shower at about 7PM. I was in bed early and had a good night sleep.
Saturday I got up made a quick breakfast eggs and toast, then I was back at working on the registration forms once I was done I had to pick up another check then I finally was able to drop off our Registration forms. This will be the first time my kids school participates in a running event and I'm so happy that I'm responsible for putting it together. Yay Me!!! Then we were off to Costco to pick up chips and my 6pk of White Zinfandel (Costco has a good deal on their Beringer) oh yes and Milk, came home put everything away and started making Guacamole. I was participating in the Relay For Life Event over at Redlands East Vally H.S it is a 24hr event and I was in The Cancer Crushers Team. I got to the event at about 5 we hung around and chatted, it was nice one of my team members brought her RV so we had a bar-b-q and munched on some really good food, they were all having drinks and I was proud of myself for not having one drink I had to stay focused I was scheduled to run 5 miles and then walk for 5hrs straight. When I was done with my 5mile run I got started with our walking and let me tell you it was hard to walk for 5hrs my feet were wanting to give up but we kept going. Finally 4AM hit and our shift was done, I was so tired by the time i got home took a shower I was finally in bed at 5AM and Madison woke me up at 7AM with the cutest song ever, it was weird something about "jumping on the train and heading over to a good breakfast because I'm hungry" maybe she'll do it again. So I was up by 7 and I made them a delicious bowl of Froot Loops (don't Judge) I was tired!!! I did nothing all day Sunday just laid around on the couch dosed off a couple of times. Jackie sends me a msg that we were going for a 5 mile run, I was so tempted to tell her NO but I didn't, she picked up my mom at 5PM and we got started with our 5mile run at 5:45 and I will have to say that I didn't feel as bad as I thought I was going to feel. When we were done I had already made dinner Chicken Teriyaki bowls were waiting for me to enjoy. They were sooo good!!

Monday was another 5 mile tempo run, and I was struggling. we were supposed to run 4 miles in 32 minutes that's an 8' pace oh hell I have no idea how I was going to manage that being so tired. Jackie finished in 32'41" and I finished in 33'15" yes I know I didnt make the goal but let me tell you I gave it my all, I was happy with that, I was ready to give up after mile #3 but I told myself just keep going.

So this weekend coming up I have the Run Through Redlands with my kiddos and their school, I'm really looking forward to our first annual Jaguars Joggers 5k run. WooHOO!! Ok I'm off to bed, sorry if most of my post is not making sense but I'm exhausted!!! Good Night!!!