Friday, May 21, 2010

And the training continues!!!

Yes I know I'm a very bad blogger, but maybe if I knew that I had a good amount of following that would get me to blog more often. So my next 1/2 marathon is only less than 3 weeks away in San Diego...yes Im running the Rock and Roll 1/2 marathon and it should be lot's of fun, I just hope I'm not to distractred by the bands playing at every mile, I want to concentrate and do a better time than my La Jolla 1/2. Training has gotten harder and we cut back on the amount of mile we run during the week, I think I'm just ready to go back to enjoying running without having to train hard and worrying about improving my time. Jackie and I ran our first 14 mile this last Sunday and we have to run another 14 mile this Sunday, it's good that were running more miles than our race that way we can look forward to running 13.1 miles and actually saying ahhhh it's only 13 miles.

After this Rock and Roll 1/2 marathon I'm going to concentrate on looking for work, yes I was laid off and I'm actually enjoying my time off, it's nice that I was smart and saved for a rainy day so right now I'm ok with living off unemployement, yes I know I'm a single mom and should worry but I will worry about it once the race is over, I will concentrate on looking for work so in the mean time I'm going to enjoy my time with my monkeys, it's kind of nice being a stay at home mom and can only wish that it was a permanent thing. I think I was made to be a mom!!!! I love to cook, clean and just being home with the kids has been really really nice, and I know my monkey's enjoy it.

A couple of weeks ago I received an email from Merck asking me if I would be interested on doing an interview for their You Tube Channel. I was excited that's one of my missions to help spread the word on Cervical Cancer and HPV and I have the time to do this right now so I was so In. My shoot took place on May 12, 2010 and it was an amazing experience, I had a team of producers, make up artist and camera crew. The interesting thing is that I pulled out my medical records to go over and they always discover something that I had no clue about, I mean I know my new doctor has gone over everything with me am I that clueless that i forget some of the details or am I still very confused about all this HPV and Cervical Cancer????? Seriously I need to start paying more attention!!!!
The day started early for me that day I had to make sure the house was presentable for the shoot I dropped my monkey's off and met a friend at starbucks for some coffee and breakfast, when I left starbucks I headed over to target to get a few things I thought I would need, then I headed over to Bed Bath and beyond and realized that I had left my purse behind at Starbuck, Yes I know my head was so far up my butt and my nerves were controlling me that I forgot my purse, I left and rushed over to starbucks and luckily my purse was right where I left it hanging on the chair where we sat, nothing was touched and all my money and cards were still there. That was a lucky lucky thing, I mean someone could have easily taken it!!! Once my purse was recovered I headed home I had a little more than one hr before the crew got here so I wanted to make myself some tea to help me relax, but as soon as I started to relax I got a call and it was them to let me know that they were going to be early and were right outside my gates. Really??? Oh My goodness my nerved really kicked it and I panicked, I figured once they are here it will give me some time with them before the shoot to get to know them and it would be easier for me to talk to them, boy was I wrong I don't know what it is, I think it's my story and talking to strangers about it that make me nervous and getting filmed talking about it made it even worse..... I'm still not an expert on HPV/Cervical Cancer you would think that I was but I'm not, the shoot of me alone was nerve wrecking and I wish I had a do over to make some changes, but it was filmed and it is what it is and I just hope it turns out pretty good. After the one on one shoot it was time to pick up my monkeys from school the film crew followed me there and they were going to capture me picking up my babies, we got there a bit late so most of the kids were gone it was a good thing because they had to worry about not capturing other kids, my kids were excited they were being filmed they thought they were movie stars it was their moment and they enjoyed every minute of it. Once we were done with picking up the kids it was time for a quick lunch, I suggested the fast food places in my area and they all agreed on Chipotle, my kids had never been there so I think they were scared to try something new but they actually enjoyed their steak tacos, and I enjoyed my chicken bowl!!! When we were done with lunch we got home and they got a few shots of me and my monkeys and some with me alone, then we were off to film me on some Trails, it was so much fun but trying to luck pretty and run at them same time didn't help me I was hurting but loving it all at the same time, after a few shots of me running the trails we were back at home to continue the last of the shoot, dinner with my girlfriends...I volunteered to cook for my friends I figured it would be fun to cook for them and then we had to gather and talk about HPV/Cervical Cancer, I think this was an experience for them since they didn't know much about the topic. All in all it was an AMAZING Exprience and I'm so fortunate to be able to do this, I want to do all I can to help spread awareness on this horrible yet silent disease, and yes I know you hear about it a lot more now and days but I still feel like it's not enough!!!!

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