Friday, May 21, 2010

And the training continues!!!

Yes I know I'm a very bad blogger, but maybe if I knew that I had a good amount of following that would get me to blog more often. So my next 1/2 marathon is only less than 3 weeks away in San Diego...yes Im running the Rock and Roll 1/2 marathon and it should be lot's of fun, I just hope I'm not to distractred by the bands playing at every mile, I want to concentrate and do a better time than my La Jolla 1/2. Training has gotten harder and we cut back on the amount of mile we run during the week, I think I'm just ready to go back to enjoying running without having to train hard and worrying about improving my time. Jackie and I ran our first 14 mile this last Sunday and we have to run another 14 mile this Sunday, it's good that were running more miles than our race that way we can look forward to running 13.1 miles and actually saying ahhhh it's only 13 miles.

After this Rock and Roll 1/2 marathon I'm going to concentrate on looking for work, yes I was laid off and I'm actually enjoying my time off, it's nice that I was smart and saved for a rainy day so right now I'm ok with living off unemployement, yes I know I'm a single mom and should worry but I will worry about it once the race is over, I will concentrate on looking for work so in the mean time I'm going to enjoy my time with my monkeys, it's kind of nice being a stay at home mom and can only wish that it was a permanent thing. I think I was made to be a mom!!!! I love to cook, clean and just being home with the kids has been really really nice, and I know my monkey's enjoy it.

A couple of weeks ago I received an email from Merck asking me if I would be interested on doing an interview for their You Tube Channel. I was excited that's one of my missions to help spread the word on Cervical Cancer and HPV and I have the time to do this right now so I was so In. My shoot took place on May 12, 2010 and it was an amazing experience, I had a team of producers, make up artist and camera crew. The interesting thing is that I pulled out my medical records to go over and they always discover something that I had no clue about, I mean I know my new doctor has gone over everything with me am I that clueless that i forget some of the details or am I still very confused about all this HPV and Cervical Cancer????? Seriously I need to start paying more attention!!!!
The day started early for me that day I had to make sure the house was presentable for the shoot I dropped my monkey's off and met a friend at starbucks for some coffee and breakfast, when I left starbucks I headed over to target to get a few things I thought I would need, then I headed over to Bed Bath and beyond and realized that I had left my purse behind at Starbuck, Yes I know my head was so far up my butt and my nerves were controlling me that I forgot my purse, I left and rushed over to starbucks and luckily my purse was right where I left it hanging on the chair where we sat, nothing was touched and all my money and cards were still there. That was a lucky lucky thing, I mean someone could have easily taken it!!! Once my purse was recovered I headed home I had a little more than one hr before the crew got here so I wanted to make myself some tea to help me relax, but as soon as I started to relax I got a call and it was them to let me know that they were going to be early and were right outside my gates. Really??? Oh My goodness my nerved really kicked it and I panicked, I figured once they are here it will give me some time with them before the shoot to get to know them and it would be easier for me to talk to them, boy was I wrong I don't know what it is, I think it's my story and talking to strangers about it that make me nervous and getting filmed talking about it made it even worse..... I'm still not an expert on HPV/Cervical Cancer you would think that I was but I'm not, the shoot of me alone was nerve wrecking and I wish I had a do over to make some changes, but it was filmed and it is what it is and I just hope it turns out pretty good. After the one on one shoot it was time to pick up my monkeys from school the film crew followed me there and they were going to capture me picking up my babies, we got there a bit late so most of the kids were gone it was a good thing because they had to worry about not capturing other kids, my kids were excited they were being filmed they thought they were movie stars it was their moment and they enjoyed every minute of it. Once we were done with picking up the kids it was time for a quick lunch, I suggested the fast food places in my area and they all agreed on Chipotle, my kids had never been there so I think they were scared to try something new but they actually enjoyed their steak tacos, and I enjoyed my chicken bowl!!! When we were done with lunch we got home and they got a few shots of me and my monkeys and some with me alone, then we were off to film me on some Trails, it was so much fun but trying to luck pretty and run at them same time didn't help me I was hurting but loving it all at the same time, after a few shots of me running the trails we were back at home to continue the last of the shoot, dinner with my girlfriends...I volunteered to cook for my friends I figured it would be fun to cook for them and then we had to gather and talk about HPV/Cervical Cancer, I think this was an experience for them since they didn't know much about the topic. All in all it was an AMAZING Exprience and I'm so fortunate to be able to do this, I want to do all I can to help spread awareness on this horrible yet silent disease, and yes I know you hear about it a lot more now and days but I still feel like it's not enough!!!!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Kathy Griffin Taping!!!

So after getting over the nerves of my first half I had to deal with the nerves of having to film with Kathy Griffin for an episode for her upcoming season of her show "MY LIfe On The D-List" Yes Exciting but oh my can my body handle this many nerves????

So it all started from a call from Rachel the Communications Manager over at The NCCC, you all know that I'm part of the NCCC. She asked if I would be interested in being part of Kathy Griffins pool side pap and I of course said yes, I mean how often do you get that kind of opportunity, right? So Kathy is trying to do what Katie Couric did for the Colonoscopy for the Pap!! and of course shes Kathy Griffin and she's going to make things interesting. She's planning on a public pap smear with hooker shoes on, she's going to BeDAZZLE her vagina and do all this pool side!!

My day Tuesday morning started with the question what the heck am I going to wear, all my clothes are so big and no longer fit. My slacks I had them taken in and went out to buy a nice shirt and I'm happy to report that I'm now an x-small!! I got home started getting ready and I picked up my mom, yes she goes with me everywhere, I'm not a good driver and I had to drive to Woodland Hills and rain was in the forecast so I had no choice but to take her. We arrived to the NCCC offices 2 Hours early, yes I know we left to early but I am a slow driver and you never know with LA traffic and It's better to be safe than sorry. I hung out with Rachel while she worked, my mom walked down to the blood bank to donate blood. Soon after a survivor sister Patti arrived with her newborn baby girl. Patti and I had met last year at a fashion show in Beverly Hills she and I were both models at the event. I was so happy to see her again and her baby girl was absolutely beatiful and perfect. We waited around for a while when Rachel received a call from the producer of the show asking us to go over to Kathy's House (yes her house) I was more nervous and more excited. When we arrived we were taken downstairs and a make up artist touched up our make up, we put on some microphones and then we were ready for taping. They took us upstairs to film and what an amazing experience. Kathy Griffin is AWESOME for doing this. It's rare that you hear a hollywood star spreading the word on HPV/Cervical Cancer so this is just amazing. You will have to wait and see her show to see what we did. Her 6th season starts June 15 and I believe it's going to be the 2nd to last episode when it airs.

So so much good stuff is happening to me right now, continue reading and you will see it all!!!

My half marathon!!!

What an amazing experience, I completed my first Half Marathon this past Sunday and it feels GREAT!!! I am so glad that I found Jackie she was a great running partner and an amazing friend. She got me through the hard training and I couldn't have done it without her.

I left for La Jolla early Saturday Morning, my mom came with me. When we arrived in La Jolla the first thing I did was pick up my race packet and T-Shirt, had some lunch at the expo then we headed over to our hotel. When we arrived to the hotel our room wasn't ready so we decided to hang out at the beach since our hotel was across the St. from the beach. The kids really enjoyed the beach, building sand castles and collecting sea shells. After a couple of hrs on the beach I received a call to let me know our room was ready, we checked in and what an Beautiful view I had of the beach, it was absolutely beautiful I didn't want to leave my room I felt so relaxed. Shortly after my dad and a friend arrived and we decided we had a kitchen in our room that we would go to the market and cook our own dinner. We went to the local market picked up some steaks, chicken, salad mix, rice, and a loaf of artisian bread. We got to the room and started cooking my Pre-Race Dinner. It was Delicious, I'm so glad we didn't go to a restaurant it was so nice to eat and be comfortable. After our dinner we all went to the beach for a walk, La Jolla at night was so nice the sound of the waves and seals gave me a relaxation feeling and I couldn't wait to get back to my room and go to sleep. I was in bed by 9:30 and let me just say I didn't get the rest I was hoping for, the sound of the waves was the best, but I had taken a laxative early in the afternoon so the effects were still looming and had to get up a couple of time to use the rest room and I also think my nerves had something to do with it. The night went so fast I was up by 4:15 AM and received a msg from Jackie that she was on her way to my hotel, I jumped in the shower, got dressed and had a small breakfast of oat meal and wheat thin bagel with peanut butter, I also took some Immodium AD to stop the effects of the laxatives. When I made my way downstairs it was CHAOS!!! The line for the busses that were taking the runners to the start line was CRAZY!!! I couldn't find Jackie I was looking but knew that she had probably jumped in line and knew that I wasn't going to find her, I got in line and made it the start line, when I got off the bus I searched for her and couldn't find her, I was then trying to prepare to start this race without her and wasn't happy about it. After a few mins of searrching I jumped in line for the porta potty's I wasn't even in line for 5 mins when Jackie Found me!!! We were so happy to see each other, I was soooooo HAPPY!!! Once I found her I knew I was going to have a great start. Jackie and I then did a stretch and small warm up and it was soon after that we had to make our way to the START. Here was the moment of truth we were going to find out if all the hard training was going to pay off. Once we were off the adrenaline kicked in and the feeling was good 13.1 miles I was ready, Jackie and I stuck together for the first half of the race and then I was on my own, La Jolla course was tough there was alot of hills and a 420' elevation trail run, once I got through that I enjoyed the beautiful scenic route but didn't allow it to distract me, I was focused. By mile #10 I was feeling really good and then mile # 12 came and oh boy really did they have to put a hill on the last mile!!! When I finally got through that last hill it was good as soon as I seen the finish line this burst of energy took over and I sprinted to the finish. My goal was to finish under 2 hrs and my chip time was 1:57:41!!! Yeah I had done it and it felt AMAZING, I was so emotional and happy that I had completed my first half marathon, the feeling is undescribable. When I found my family at the end I was so happy and they were so happy and proud that I had finished. Shortly after we ran into Jackie and her family her time was 1:54 I was only 3 mins behind her. We were so happy!!!! There is nothing I regret my time was PERFECT!!!

After a couple of pictures I was ready to go back to my room and take a hot shower, there was a beer garden that I had planned on enjoying after the race, but I think after all that running you don't even think about putting a drink in your body, so it was up to my room for a much needed shower. When I took off my running shoes I discovered a Blood Blister on my foot!! I knew the shoes I had worn were the wrong ones, the good thing is that the blister didn't bother me while I was running.

Yes I had to take a picture!!!! It was soo gross, I had to pop it the second I got a hold of a needle.(oh and some alcohol) Once I was showered all I wanted to do was enjoy a beer on the patio, I called the hotel it was 10:45 and check out was 11 I was going to ask for a 12PM check out, But could you believe they wanted 100. for a late check out!!! I told them forget it I'll get out. I checked out and then we were on our way home. We were trying to figure out lunch and the one meal I wanted to have after my first half marathon was IN-N-OUT Burgers!!! Oh yes my post race meal was so Freakin GOOD!!! When we got home my mom offered to take the kids home so I could get some rest, I took advantage and said yes!!! But ofcourse I think I still had some adrenaline in my body but I couldn't fall asleep. I was all alone at home and I couldn't sleep, that was a big BUMMER, I don't get that opportunity that often and here I was wide awake. I called my mom and asked her to bring them back, we got dinner out of the way and shortly after it was bed time. 1st Half Marathon done!! Next is Rock N Roll San Diego, I heard it's a flatter coourse so I'm hoping to knock off some minutes, I have a good month to train.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Can my body take it!!

So I think I'm hitting a wall with all this training, I'm starting to question myself!!! These past couple of weeks have been very intense, I have never felt so tired. But I'm still going!!The last couple of weeks have been very busy, we celebrated Easter and I have to say that it was a really quiet one, I was hoping for a big easter gathering with family but we ended up going to my moms and it was just us with my 2 sisters, but really only my oldest sister since I don't really talk to my younger sister.(That's a story that will take just toooo long)The kid's had a good time with the eggs and my oldest sis got a jumper for them, so they had a blast, I couldn't even get them out of it for a picture.

Can you tell on Madison's face that this picture was forced!! I love my little family my babies are the world to me. Makes me wonder if I'll ever allow myself to date, I can't imagine anyone coming into our world and making any changes. We are happy with the things are. I do admit that things do get a bit lonely for me, but then I snap myself out of it!!

So Jackie and I have ran 13 miles the last couple of weekends, the first 13 we ran with our group The Redlands Runegades and I will have to say it wasn't too bad we did take a route that was nothing but hills, but we always say Hills will make us faster after 12 miles the last mile was tough and we felt it, that extra mile added some pain. My body felt it and it felt so good to take a hot shower, I was hoping to take a nap but unfortunately my kids do understand that mommy is tired. When my shower was done I had to get dressed and we were off to do some easter shopping, Kids needed some dressy shoes, and I needed a dress I couldn't find one either I don't know what it is but I just have not been in the mood to do any shopping, I don't like anything, so I gave up on trying to find something. When we got home I made a delicious Shrimp Pasta once we were done I came into my bedroom and found a brand new Maxi dress with tags and all hanging in my closet it was perfect for Easter Sunday. Yay!! Problem Solved.

This last Friday Jackie and I decided to run our 13 miles in Rancho Cucamonga, it all started with us going shopping out there since we both need clothes that fit, but we both though it would be a good idea to change our routine and run our long run before shopping. Her family allowed us to go drop off our stuff of at their house and we were going to shower up real quick before shopping, It was a nice run we ran on a horse trail and it was nice to change things up for a bit.At the half way point we stopped at a park and did some stretching. I love to stop for stretching!!

It's funny how Jackie takes her stretching so seriously and I take advantage of the break by throwing myself on the floor. : )
When we finished our run we had to get to a Jamba Juice for a protein shake, when they had a sign that they only were accepting cash at the moment we walked to her aunties house to get our purses, we decided not to take a shower since we were running short on time, I had to pick up my monkeys at school. After our much needed protein shake we said forget Shopping we want FOOD!!! Running so many miles makes you hungry : ) We ate at the Yard House, Jackie ordered a sandwich, I was like umm no I'm having myself a nice big STEAK!!! I got a 12oz New York Steak with Shrimp and veggies. It was the best Steak EVER!!! I had a $50 Lunch, Ouch!!! It was well worth it. We made it right on time for me to pick up my monkeys, and I had to go into the office and pick up the last of the Registration Forms for The Run Through Redlands event that I put together for their school. I went to my moms house to do the counting of the money and realized that a lot of parents wrote their check out to the school and not the event, so I had to get a hold of parents and switch out checks, That was no Fun, I was tired, sweaty and stinky!! When I finally got home my kids both had play dates, yes I know what was I thinking when I said yes the good thing is that both their friends are good Monkeys and they allowed me to relax and take my much needed shower at about 7PM. I was in bed early and had a good night sleep.
Saturday I got up made a quick breakfast eggs and toast, then I was back at working on the registration forms once I was done I had to pick up another check then I finally was able to drop off our Registration forms. This will be the first time my kids school participates in a running event and I'm so happy that I'm responsible for putting it together. Yay Me!!! Then we were off to Costco to pick up chips and my 6pk of White Zinfandel (Costco has a good deal on their Beringer) oh yes and Milk, came home put everything away and started making Guacamole. I was participating in the Relay For Life Event over at Redlands East Vally H.S it is a 24hr event and I was in The Cancer Crushers Team. I got to the event at about 5 we hung around and chatted, it was nice one of my team members brought her RV so we had a bar-b-q and munched on some really good food, they were all having drinks and I was proud of myself for not having one drink I had to stay focused I was scheduled to run 5 miles and then walk for 5hrs straight. When I was done with my 5mile run I got started with our walking and let me tell you it was hard to walk for 5hrs my feet were wanting to give up but we kept going. Finally 4AM hit and our shift was done, I was so tired by the time i got home took a shower I was finally in bed at 5AM and Madison woke me up at 7AM with the cutest song ever, it was weird something about "jumping on the train and heading over to a good breakfast because I'm hungry" maybe she'll do it again. So I was up by 7 and I made them a delicious bowl of Froot Loops (don't Judge) I was tired!!! I did nothing all day Sunday just laid around on the couch dosed off a couple of times. Jackie sends me a msg that we were going for a 5 mile run, I was so tempted to tell her NO but I didn't, she picked up my mom at 5PM and we got started with our 5mile run at 5:45 and I will have to say that I didn't feel as bad as I thought I was going to feel. When we were done I had already made dinner Chicken Teriyaki bowls were waiting for me to enjoy. They were sooo good!!

Monday was another 5 mile tempo run, and I was struggling. we were supposed to run 4 miles in 32 minutes that's an 8' pace oh hell I have no idea how I was going to manage that being so tired. Jackie finished in 32'41" and I finished in 33'15" yes I know I didnt make the goal but let me tell you I gave it my all, I was happy with that, I was ready to give up after mile #3 but I told myself just keep going.

So this weekend coming up I have the Run Through Redlands with my kiddos and their school, I'm really looking forward to our first annual Jaguars Joggers 5k run. WooHOO!! Ok I'm off to bed, sorry if most of my post is not making sense but I'm exhausted!!! Good Night!!!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

At last I post!!!

So I've been a very bad blogger!!! My kids keep me so busy during the day and by the time they go to bed, I'm soooo tired I fall asleep. I need to find an easier way to blog. I will start off by saying that my training has been going really good. Jackie and I have been sticking to our schedule and getting our runs done. Last Friday we were doing a 5 mile recovery run we were on mile 2.5 when I tripped and fell right of my right knee, it was so painful all I could think of was that my training was going to be placed on hold, we were having a good run, talking next thing I know I'm on the floor holding on to my knee and wondering what I was going to do. Thankfully after holding on to it for a while, I stretched it out and realized I was going to be ok, 2 ladies from a nearby salon helped me out and gave me some band-aids and cortizone cream. We decided I should shake it off and finish our last 2.5 miles, I did it no problem.

Now I have a huge scab on my knee and I'm hoping it doesn't scar!!! But I am grateful that it was just bruised and not broken. The next day Saturday I was able to get up at 6AM and go fo a 12 mile run with our running team The Redlands Runegades, Knee was not a problem at all and I had a good run, at mile number 8 nature called and that turned out to be ok to since we were right by a park and was able to use a toilet this time around : ) I'm going to have to do something about that problem I swear everytime we run our long runs it get my metabolism going and I have to go right there and if theres no restroom in sight it becomes a problem. This coming Saturday we have a 13 mile run so I'm going to buy me some Immodium AD and take it before my run I'm hoping it will help the only concern I have is that it will cause constipation after. I guess it's a risk I'm willing to take, I hate having to panick on our long runs!! What's a runner to do? Wear Diaper!? Lol!! Yes I would!!! hehe!! J/k

So my life is pretty much consumed with my kids and my running that I haven't taken care of my self as far as looks go. Everyday is a different running outfit and tennis shoes with hair pulled up on a ponytail. All my wonderful, almost brand new jeans no longer fit, I haven't really lost any weight but I have toned up and slimed down BIG TIME!! what am I supposed to do, I had some jeans altered and taken in but they still don't fit right. I could go out and buy some jeans but I'm finding it very hard to go out and buy some, I just don't want to spend money on buying clothes but what am I going to do wear my running clothes everyday, I have been for the past 5 months. Today I went and got a much needed hair cut and some color, then I got my eyebrows waxed, that was a big step and I already feel better. Now all I need is a cute outfit!! Maybe a new running outfit : )

I'm super excited that I am putting together a running team for my kids elementary school, I'm having the kids sign up for an upcoming 5k on April 18. Jackie will be helping me with the kids so we get to play coach for the day. Yay!!! I can't wait to see how many kids I get.
My running groun The Redlands Runegades!!! When we first started running with this group I was always in the back trying to keep up, this last Saturday I was in the lead!!! I'm amazed at what Good Runners Jackie and I are becoming, and were going to get better!!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Sunday Morning Long Run

So we were supposed to start at 6 AM but I got a msg from Jackie at about 5:30 Letting me know that she had just gotten home. (she partied all night)Jackie and her hubby were at her in laws house watching the fight and they decided to stay after her hubby having a few drinks and she was to tired to drive. We ended up starting our run at 7AM not bad considering the time change so we were really starting at 6. The first mile was very hard for me I had way to much to eat at the birthday party and I can't believe I'm going to blog about this but I am!! Sure enough the food kicked in and I had to go right away, there was no bathrooms in sight I panicked and went in an empty field trust me I had to or it would have been a lot worse. What a relieve you have no Idea how good it felt, I felt dirty but relieved. We got started with our run again and we stopped at a Mcdonald's so I can freshen up : ) We finally were able to get started and got into the flow we decided not to take any stretch breaks and just run without stopping. I was amazed that I was able to go for 8-9 miles non stop but we did it we even had our water and carbooms while running mile # 9. As soon as we finished Jackie brought me home and It was straight to the shower and then it was a delicious breakfast that included Pancakes, Bacon and eggs. That's the good thing about running even though I watch what I eat I can pretty much eat whatever I want and not worry about gaining any weight. So if any of you wants to loose a few LBS take on running and you wont regret it. After breakfast it was all about cleaning. Then some movies I finally watched Twilight and I was hooked I can't wait to watch the next one. For dinner I had a Costco pizza in the fridge and dinner was made and enjoyed. I was to tired to think about making a big dinner, and besides the kids enjoyed the pizza. After dinner I was off to bed I was to tired to even watch TV.

Saturday Race Day

Saturday Morning was good, it all started with a pre race breakfast of oat meal with some wheat germ.
As soon as Jackie and Adriane dropped my mom off and my niece and 2 nephews off at my place we were off to our race. I love race days it gets my adrenaline going and it feels good. We started with a 1 mile warm up before the race started as soon as we got done with our warm up we rushed to the porta potty's but the lines were tooooo long and they only had 3 potty's that was no good the race was about to begin and we wanted to get back to the start line, we were desperate looking around wondering if we can sneak behind a bush but there was to many people around, we ended up going into the Hospitals lobby and sure enough they were letting us use their bathrooms. Jackie and I made it to the start line right on time!!!! We were treating this run as a tempo run. I was behind Jackie the whole time I was able to see her in front of me up until the lase 1/2 mile when a hill got me as soon as cleared the hill I knew I was almost done as soon as I turned the corner I decided I wanted to finish strong and sprinted towards the finish line and finished in 24'44" I knew that was a new PR for me, I was excited.

Our Post Race Picture
Jackie also set a PR for this race she finished in 23'46" that is amazing we were so happy at our new PR's, we were pretty confident that we placed in our age group. We hung around for a bit and had a few post race snacks a banana and yogurt for me, as soon as we were done we ran a 1 mile cool down. When we were done we joined Jackie's hubby and waited for our results we wanted to get free massages but the line wait was to long and we were anoyed by two guys behind us so we left. Right after that the award ceremony's began and sure enough Jackie place 2nd in her age group and I Placed 1st yes 1st place in my age group. Yay!!! we were so excited not only did we reach PR for ourselves we also place. I looked up my race results for a 5k 2 yrs ago and my time improved by over 10 mins. I was so happy!!

After the post race festivities I was off to my place and my monkeys, they were so happy their mommy placed 1st place. I got them ready and we went to In-N-Out to celebrate.
We then got ready and headed out to my cousins house to celebrate her sons birth day, It was a beautiful party but it was to damn cold all I could think of was coming home and crawling into my warm bed, we left as soon as the pinata and cake were done. We got home put on our comfy PJ's and it was off to bed. We had an early long run planned for Sunday. : )