Sunday, May 2, 2010

Kathy Griffin Taping!!!

So after getting over the nerves of my first half I had to deal with the nerves of having to film with Kathy Griffin for an episode for her upcoming season of her show "MY LIfe On The D-List" Yes Exciting but oh my can my body handle this many nerves????

So it all started from a call from Rachel the Communications Manager over at The NCCC, you all know that I'm part of the NCCC. She asked if I would be interested in being part of Kathy Griffins pool side pap and I of course said yes, I mean how often do you get that kind of opportunity, right? So Kathy is trying to do what Katie Couric did for the Colonoscopy for the Pap!! and of course shes Kathy Griffin and she's going to make things interesting. She's planning on a public pap smear with hooker shoes on, she's going to BeDAZZLE her vagina and do all this pool side!!

My day Tuesday morning started with the question what the heck am I going to wear, all my clothes are so big and no longer fit. My slacks I had them taken in and went out to buy a nice shirt and I'm happy to report that I'm now an x-small!! I got home started getting ready and I picked up my mom, yes she goes with me everywhere, I'm not a good driver and I had to drive to Woodland Hills and rain was in the forecast so I had no choice but to take her. We arrived to the NCCC offices 2 Hours early, yes I know we left to early but I am a slow driver and you never know with LA traffic and It's better to be safe than sorry. I hung out with Rachel while she worked, my mom walked down to the blood bank to donate blood. Soon after a survivor sister Patti arrived with her newborn baby girl. Patti and I had met last year at a fashion show in Beverly Hills she and I were both models at the event. I was so happy to see her again and her baby girl was absolutely beatiful and perfect. We waited around for a while when Rachel received a call from the producer of the show asking us to go over to Kathy's House (yes her house) I was more nervous and more excited. When we arrived we were taken downstairs and a make up artist touched up our make up, we put on some microphones and then we were ready for taping. They took us upstairs to film and what an amazing experience. Kathy Griffin is AWESOME for doing this. It's rare that you hear a hollywood star spreading the word on HPV/Cervical Cancer so this is just amazing. You will have to wait and see her show to see what we did. Her 6th season starts June 15 and I believe it's going to be the 2nd to last episode when it airs.

So so much good stuff is happening to me right now, continue reading and you will see it all!!!


  1. I love Kathy! What an awesome experience!!!

  2. Jamie, It was a nerve wrecking experience!!!